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After I place my order, will I get updates on its progress?

Yes, you will receive an email confirmation from your preferred shopping dealer, keeping you informed of your order’s status. Please note: your shipping dealer may include an update/status message if your order isn’t available for shipping or pickup yet. If your parts are arriving from the warehouse, your shopping dealer will give you an estimated time of arrival. Your dealer will then call or email you when your order has shipped or is ready for pickup.

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If my parts aren’t in stock, how long will it take for my shopping dealer to place my order?

In addition to their stocked inventory, your shopping dealer receives shipments daily and can get most parts delivered to their shop by the next business day. However, if unusual circumstances arise, such as a part being back-ordered, a delay in shipment may occur. Collision body repair parts may take two days to procure due to special freight-handling requirements.

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Why haven’t I received an email confirmation of my order?

All orders are followed by an email confirmation almost immediately. If you do not receive confirmation within two hours of placing your order, please check if the email you registered with at FordParts.com is correct.

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I need a part shipped overnight. Is it guaranteed?

Unfortunately, your shopping dealer may not always have the parts you need in stock. If you need a part shipped overnight, please call your shipping dealer’s parts department directly to check if the part is in-stock and ready to be shipped by their FedEx pickup cutoff time.

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How long does it take from placing my order to shipping my order?

If an item is in stock, the shipping time depends on which shipping option you’ve chosen and how many items are in your complete order. If all of your parts are in stock, your shopping dealer will ship your order generally one to two business days after receiving your order. In certain circumstances, your shopping dealer may need to order your parts offsite, which may require an additional business day. Your shopping dealer will alert you via phone and/or email if this occurs.

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I received an email confirmation that my order has shipped, but I haven’t received it yet.

When your shopping dealer finalizes your order, the system automatically triggers an email, informing you that your order has shipped. However, the email may have been sent to you, but your order may be delayed because parts are in a warehouse or are back ordered. Your shopping dealer should contact you directly if there are any delays. You may also check the tracking number or contact your shopping dealer directly.

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Shipping & Ordering


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