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Fuel-Injection Control Module


The Fuel-Injection Control Module (FICM) is vital to the 6.0L Power Stroke® Diesel engine’s performance and fuel economy. It sends an electrical impulse to the injector so the correct amount of fuel will be delivered to the cylinder at the correct time. Ford Genuine Parts offers three choices for FICM replacement that feature proprietary engineering enhancements designed to maximize durability and performance.


Pre-programmed FICM

  • Just swap the unit and the engine is back in service
  • No need to tow the vehicle, transport programming equipment to the repair site or perform any programming

Half-shell FICM

  • Cost-effective solution when the FICM DC-to-DC voltage converter requires replacement. Replace only one component
  • Simple repair with no special tools required
  • Half-shell FICM is an effective repair solution in over 90% of FICM replacement situations

Full, field-programmable FICM

  • Some F-650/F-750 and LCF applications require a full, field-programmable FICM repair 
  • Technician custom programs the unit to the vehicle using a scan tool's programming function


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