No-Risk Core Return Credit

With the No-Risk Core Return Credit, there are no extra charges if the core is damaged. A 100% core credit is always provided – never prorated.

•  All cores must be returned in the box or package from the replacing part 


General Information/Guidelines
This information applies to core returns:

•  Core returns must be like-for-like, that is, the part represented on the packaging must be like the part inside the package
•  Core returns must be Ford Motor Company Genuine Parts or a Conquest sale (Ford parts remanufactured by a non-Ford remanufacturer)


Preparation of Return
• Drain all parts  
• Reassemble all parts. All parts in an assembly must be included
• Place part in the replacement part package
• Leave the package open for inspection


Product-Specific Guidelines for Powertrain Core Returns
• Clutch Disc and Pressure Plate; Torque Converter: Place a plastic shipping cap over the hub to prevent oil leakage or hub damage
• Ford Remanufactured Transmission/Engine: Transmission core must include torque converter, which must be firmly bracketed to the core
• ZF Manual Transmission: Use original triple-layer corrugated box, if possible
• Ford Remanufactured Gas Engine.  Core must be fully assembled with all components and as complete as the replacing Ford engine. It must include block, cylinder head(s), crankshaft, camshaft, main caps, etc.
• Air-conditioning compressors must be capped using caps from replacement assemblies
• When returning diesel turbochargers, high-pressure oil pumps, turbocharger pedestals and injectors, include the diesel diagnostic forms



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